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Author Topic: Synopsis game 1  (Read 1130 times)


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Synopsis game 1
« on: June 16, 2009, 11:56:59 AM »

just a quick recap of what happed in our first game, i'll add more chapters as i have time.

the first game session opened with the characters all meeting in the Eylisium above the Bogarts bar for a talk with Jeff the groups mentor and main benifactor.
Nathan (gangrel) , Jake ( tremer), hortitious (Brujah, who didnt make the first game),  and the defacto leader of the group Gabriel (ventrue)
thru-out the nite  met many npcs  (over 50 i think) from the Prince, Montague Dohskan, to a little mouse of a Caitiff called Jenny (whom later would become Hortitious's sometime girl friend).

When it was time to talk with Jeff, they learned that they would form 'E' team, for the purpose of investigating  strange disaperances that had something to do with the Finacial troubles being forced on the Vampires as they conducted a war against the Sabot in Seatle that was once the princedom of Montague. unfortuanatly for jeff the former price of Spokan, Monty and his Court were forced out of Seatle by bands of Sabot and had to relocate near by, and that ment that Jeff  was deposed. (though Jeff wasnt hunted or mistreated)

given instructions the Team were to go to 2 locations and look into strange vanishings, and then report back on what was found. during a short pause before heading out, they learned about the other teams. A was in LA , B was in Seatle, C was also in LA at the time but would shortly end up in Seatle, apon asking around the Nos for the wherabouts of D team the Vampires were cornered and quite bluntly told not to look into D teams dealings, buy 6 Nos headed by the Nos Prim Skar, whom looked like he would take any answer aside from a 'yes ok' violently. the former 'E' team was aperently whiped out

First stop, an abondoned Sugar refinery, to talk to a 'joe' somebody, about a body that was found on the property and then just vanished without a trace before police could get there. (all the probelms with the finances were for reasons unknown coming out of the south end of the city (slum district))
They were let into the factory by the gate gaurd, fallowed his directions and went into the back of the warehouse area. Nathan then went alone in case it was a trap to talk with Joe, whom had no idea what Nathan was talking about, but did let slip of a stange murder of a man whom washed up on the banks of the river a few weeks ago with some weird bite marks., Nathan mangaged to talk with Joe's supervisor on the phone whom also denighed any knowlage of a strange disaperance.

while Nathan was inside, a roving youth gang came across the others out in the parking area, and decided to see if a black SUV had anything worth taking in it. Nathan emerged from his talk, into a riot as the kids( well armed with pop pistols and things to throw were making a good atempt to storm the SUV, nathan fired a few shots into the crowd and wounded a few teenagers before jumping onto the vehical and speeding away, at the gate they found the gaurd (barry whitlow by the name tag) dead without any visable reason as to why. (just alot of blood)

they took the body and zoomed off loosing the youth gang (or so they thought)  and headed for the home of an elderly couple whom supposedly also had seen a vanishing act. as they passed an old land mark named the 3 sisters (a lamp post with 3 large lights on it) Jake looked back into the back of the SUV and found that the body had vanished. they emidiately called Jeff filled him in and headed for the old folks place.

(if ive left anything out or forgotten please fill me in; I'll do the next chapter when i have time. )
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