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Author Topic: Vikings in Hell Dorado  (Read 1301 times)

Balgin Stondraeg

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Vikings in Hell Dorado
« on: April 11, 2009, 05:44:19 PM »

No, no such news from asmodee. It's just something I'd like to try out and here's my thoughts on the matter.

I have some good viking miniatures in a similar scale that would work perfectly. The viking idea of hell is very cold so they could either be languishing in a very cold part of hell or, when they arrived centuries ago in the firey pits of hell, they thought it was all lovely and warm and decided to stay. Historicaly the vikings were always up for a fight (and while they sometimes fled they generaly fought first).

There are no bows in Hell Dorado and not many thrown spears.

Some models are on medium or even large bases - Vikings could include Giants! The Sac=racens looked like a good set of cards to use but then the armour problem kicked in so Iooked at all of them.

The Westerners have too many guns and too much armour.

The Saracens actualy look quite close. They have berserkers and mighty warrior heroes. They also have snipers with riffles 'though and the problem of their basic frontline troopers being really heavily armoured. The more powerful the arabs get, the less armour they seem to have. Histpricaly the Thralls and Fyrde would have little or no armour (a helmet and shield at the most) with the Huskarls and Jarls having more armour and better weapons. The Saracens inverse armour (and high faith) don't seem to fit this mold.

The Lost could work. The big dog could be a large demonic wolf. The warriors with the throwing discs could be warriors with spears and throwing axes/throwing spears. The Reatrii could be heavily armoured warriors with spears. Bran Carnoth would probably fit in wlel too (and the wicked witch one could be a shamanic rune priest). The problem with the Lost is that so many of them are on big bases. It wouldn't feel right. Also lots of lost stuff like the wormpile are just too weird to even try to fit in. The names of the Lost have a vaguely celtic feel but the stats and models don't really reflect that very much.

The Immortals could work (with the possibility of giving everyone berserk, high life, high combat stats, almost no armour). The teleportation from Bloodthirsty, the soul bearer and the naga wouldn't work easily 'though (the naga could be a small dragon but then the lemure devourer wouldn't be so reminiscent of Rikki Tikki Tavi, cobra vs small furry things). Also the Immortal officer wouldn't work well for vikings.

Mercenaries: the damned souls are truly pathetic and, whilst they are cheap and have unique ability options, they are just too pathetic to be fearsome warriors. The other mercenary options would probably be available to most other faction forces.

The demons don't feel right, they're just too wrong.

If anyone's got any thoughts to add as to which faction to field them as then let me know.

I appreciate that they might not neccessarily fit the setting too well (since it's going for more of a Conquistadors/French Revolution theme) but I was thinking more of using the rules for a skirmish game than using the setting. Then again you've got the Vinland viking settlement that suddenly disappeared. In the Hell Dorado universe the viking folk wouldn't have been failing to trade with the local american indians and dying out due to a plague so much as battling against the local demons and maybe finding their way into hell itself. They could then have stayed there for a very long time (longer than the Saracens, maybe not as long as the Immortals) and either become part of The Lost or maintained their identity, hunting and atatcking the things they chased into this mad underworld to begin with.

I currently have one of each of these and here are my thoughts:

Leader sword, armour & shield

Heavy/Solo 2 handed axe

Trooper/Solo with spear

Trooper/Solo (weapon easily convertible)

Trooper (left handed too :)) sword & shield


I didn't get this one because I thought he looked a bit not very good. It might be able to do a good shield convertion.

I also reckon this old geezer would go perfectly with Georg von Holbein when he gets released (but I don't think there's a sword and shield westerner yet). The Doppelsoldners use a two handed sword and one or two shields each (yeah, bananas but there you go) so it could be claimed he's got a very heavy sword and uses it very well.

I haven't based any of the vikings yet as they'd also do well for other games (like Warhammer Historical) so I'm just mulling over if they could fit into Hell Dorado (since most of my roleplaying miniatures seem to be going on Warmachine style bases at the moment and these guys would look good on them) and thought I'd open a thread to get a feel for people's reactions to the idea.
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