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Author Topic: The time has come....  (Read 953 times)


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The time has come....
« on: February 14, 2007, 08:04:02 AM »

Stunties isnt replying to my emails anymore, must have offended him somehow.....

Anyway the Dwarf Baggage Train I saved for him is now up for grabs

If anyone wants this and can offer me 10 Dwarfs or 20 Halflings from my wants list then its yours.  If not I'll Ebay it at the weekend, should fetch between £30-40....I hope....

If you want pics then just say, heres a pic of my other one

the only difference in the one I am selling is the cart and wheels have been glued together and so has the horse.  No big deal.

put this on Ebay and within 15 mins had someone asking what I wanted for it,  said £40 and its now sold done and dusted, never sold something so quick on Ebay !!!!!
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