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  • July 04, 2022, 07:40:49 AM
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Author Topic: Wolf WIP  (Read 946 times)

Balgin Stondraeg

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Wolf WIP
« on: October 05, 2007, 08:43:10 PM »

Okay folks, this bugger's been "stuck" for a very long time now. The cloak doesn't look finished. It needs some more work but I haven't decided what to do with it.

I started with a coat of pure Citadel Dark Flesh and then glazed it with a 2 parts citadel brown ink/two parts citadel chestnut ink/approximately 2 parts water mix.

Now it needs highlighting without losing too much of the original colour. I was aiming for a dark ruddy brownish kind of colour (like tanned flesh/leather) so I'm thinking of dark flesh highlights with a bit of something mixed in. I'm not sure what to mix in 'though  :(.

There's a few dabs of grey on his hood and some of the fur along the bottom at the back (and on the left) will need touching up a bit. I might also rework his face mask a little bit to make it stand out a tad more.

When that's done I'll consider brightening the light edge of the hood before silvering the studs in it.

I want suggestions for a quick and easy way to finish the cloak (so it doesn't have that glossy ink sheen all over it). I wouldn't mind doing a quality job and taking my time finishing it well, were it not for the fact that I've got nine more of the fellers waiting to be finished too (okay, so none are at this stage, they're all at halfway inbetween stages but once I get the unit's colour scheme sorted I'll be able to finish them all a lot quicker).

So, any suggestions people?