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Author Topic: Synopsis game 2  (Read 2326 times)


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Synopsis game 2
« on: May 27, 2010, 10:23:57 AM »

So the starting of game 2 found our Friendly band of vampires reciving a phonecall from Horatious, asking where he could meet up with them. Nathan informed him of where they were heading and would meet him there. (hort being Jo-jo's character, the ever late to the party Brujah.)
Shortly the group made it to the residence of the Mr.Johnson, and Mrs Weatherby, an elderly couple whom had apperently whitnessed the killing of a man, that soon after vanished into thin air right before their eyes in the middle of a croud of onlookers.
Nathan using a semi official police uniform knocked on the door and demanded to speek with the couple, but being suspisious the couple fled out the back after seeing thru the peep hole that the police mark was a fake.
At around this time the youth gang informed another allied gang of the wereabouts of the people whom had shot 2 of their numbers and the enforcers were closing in.
Its not unknown in the WOD for spradic shootings to happen and be ignored, especially in run down slums like south end. as the old coule made a break for it, nathan shot and wounded the man, apon seeing this the old lady had a heat attack and died a few short rounds later.
As the team bared down on the old couple, the enforcers gang arrived from 3 directions and began yelling insults, and brandishing weapons. At the same time Horatious came down the hill in his car and seeing the team in trouble ran his car into a few of the luckless gang members, exited his vehical and joined the team. what fallowed was a short fire fight as the team grabbed the old man and headed into a abandoned neighboring building, by breaking down the door.
inside nathan used his gangel abilities to good effect as he set and executed a ambush as the others tried to find a way out of the building. unfortunately this wasnt their turf and they were proptly cornered in a room with a  small sewer entrance grate. again a short fire fight seeing 3 or 4 more gang menbers dead, and the team make their escape into the sewers. shortly afte the old man died of his wounds without giving away any information.

The team returned to the eylisium to fill in Jeff,the groups benifactor and prince of the city on the events of the night. and spent some time talking with other vampires and generaly mingling while waiting for information concering the suspisios characters Joeand  barry, at the sugar refínery. (this time was spent with character interaction and more introductions, like Rorke (ventrue sherriff that just hates everyone), Jen (a torry harpy that is well known and very influential,)  Mike (jake´s friend and emidiate supervisor within the tremere.) and alexander. (the timmid turtle like gangrel that mixes the best coctails that any vampire has ever smelled.)

Around and about 1am, the team find out the location to 'Joe's apartment' (yes its that kind of game, and no the players didnt pick up on the movie referance) and try for a quick bit of investigating before sunrise.
unfortunately the appartment complex they go to sees alot of traffic, even in the dead of night in south end. the team manages to get joes apartment open and quietly enter without calling any unwanted attention.
Inside everything is neat sparsly furnished, and tidy. well almost everything  in the corner of the livingroom is a mass of old cloths and well... a gelatonous stinking plie of.... oh look the pile just stood up! (this was the first encouter with a Fomari construct one of 4 they would face. this slow lumuox resembled what a snowman would look like if you made it out of wax. it was low and purposfull and instructed to hold any intruders till the 'boss' came back.) a very intrsting fight fallowed as teh fomar was able to pin Nathan and still deal with the others. if it were not for Jake and a lucky slash that freed nathan the game would have been up and the characters captured.
Not being sure if the noise of the fight would drawn attention then searched frantically and took samples of the puddy buddy. what fallows was a list of items  (to my surprise the found all the clues needed for the next part of this plot lines adventure)
-$2000.00 dollors. the notes had a clue in it that a npc would soon figure out.
-puddy buddy goo.
-an electronic eye (spy camera in the ceiling that they yanked out,  this was how the fomari also found that they were being hunted by super naturals)
-puddy buddy sheets that contained hairs chemicals and gravel. (that will lead to the next location)
As the team was under survaliance the whole time, the bad guys were able to cut the snooping short by setting off the firealarms inside the building, the team fearing capture, caled Jeff and he sent a 'rescue party'. as fire and police vehicals started to arrive, Dimitri was introduced, (a hairy nontalkitive Brujah killer that was Jeff's executioner.) whom raced in a black SUV just ahead of the first firetruck, tires screaching, pulls a Rockford all the while the SUV is vibrating because the music is playing KORN as loud as it can. team gets in, they zoom away at Ludicriss speed and the second game ends.

once again if i have missed anything just post it under here and i will modify the post.
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