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  • August 11, 2022, 12:21:14 AM
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Author Topic: space hulk  (Read 1815 times)


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space hulk
« on: October 04, 2009, 10:26:17 AM »

Ive been playing a bit of the new spacehulk and wanted to share, last night to teach the game i had a friend over, and he and my wife both took a squad of termies, i took hold of the stealers.
i used every puzzle peice and set up a nifty 2 layerd board, and then handed out the rules, witch were, as i called it 'end game' the termies had to hold off the stealers for as long as posible and prevent them from gettin up one of three ladders and breacking out into 4 long corridors, when this happened the clock would start and the mariens had to hold out for 9 turns till the fuel tanks for engines on the hulk could be blown from one of the 3 control room, if a stealer eneterd and control room the stealers won. any other result after 9 turns fronm the first stealer up the ladder, would be a termie win.

hers how it went, on the under board, everything was a race to set up  lines of defence as i barreled onto the board, in round 3 i had the first termie down and then the sgt with hammer and sheild the next turn, from there the initail rush was stemed and it was a game of charge the corridore. one after another of the termies fell though slowly and with great dramatic effect (my wife can role 6's like no one else and can kill 15 stealers a turn on a rush not once jamming) in the chamber above i had lost teh mommentum and the termies got into position gaurding the  corridors with  termies 2 with powerfist, one sgt with sword and bolter and the assult cannon and flamer all in all 5 termies, with percision placing to wreck havock on the incoming stealers.

after the last termie had fallin in the under section, i spent a few turns building up my strike force and charged the gauntelt as hard as i could, but was forced to use only on ladder as the flamer kept pumping shots turn after turn into one section with 2 ladders preventing me using it. but not all was bad as the very first shot by the assult cannon rolled 3 4's and exploded, so i had a bit of luck there, what fallowed was a mass of stealers for the next 7 turns flooding into the corridors and charging the Termies as they gunned down stealer after stealer. closer and closer i came  until my friend anounces in turn 8 that i dont have the movment to make it anymore. and the game ends afte this is checked.

but i didnt stop there, i told them a lil narative id made up that went something like:

pictute this, the readout on the consoul of the sgt reads 9 seconds as the termies rush you, 8, 7, and the whole of the comparments open up hell, and the assult cannon exploeds, and the screams of the stealers get nearer and nearer, 5 seconds and still the termies never take a step back as one storm bolter james after another and tense secons go by as they are cleared and brought to beare again. the stealers edge ever closer a living wall of claws and teeth, as the counter reaches 1. the Sgt starts to mouth a loud prayer to the Emporer as the huulk expoled. all of the stealers are destroyed and hummanity saved buy a suiside hold out of the Termies.

They liked that, and want to play more.

thnaks for reading.
I'll be in my bunk.


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Re: space hulk
« Reply #1 on: October 05, 2009, 05:52:27 AM »

Nice game report, Hawkins :)