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Author Topic: Quick notes  (Read 893 times)

Balgin Stondraeg

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Quick notes
« on: August 08, 2009, 02:40:56 PM »

These notes are for my own reference for a future adventure.

The young couple who've moved in from the city have bought an old farm for silly money. They don't know how to run it and are approaching it like a business rather than a way of life. Rumour has it they've made offers on other homes and are buying up the local land. The locals don't like this.

Possible - the young man is abit of a yuppie who, realising there's an old Bretonian in the vilage, keeps trying to speak Bretonian to "impress his mates/the locals" (think Del Boy but wiht Reikspiel). His young wife despairs at his frequent attempts to drop in small smatterings of Bretonian into his public conversations - he clearly hasn't got a clue.

The innkeeper's wife has a roving eye and tends to stray. He's older than her and either he doesn't notice or he allows her to do so since it brings in extra business. She dreams of younger men and the town's young men dream of her (if she has a daughter, of daughters, she might tell them what to wear to attract more punters too but I suspect it goes no further than that. Nothing sinister or nefarious).

Grazing rights. The wealthy toffs have their farm and now the common folk are grumbling about having no right of way/grazing rights. They out of towners don't know about such customs (nothing like that in the city) and the locals haven't asked - because they assumed the snobs would know.

They might blame the recent increase in beastman activity upon the yuppies.