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Author Topic: Songs of Blades Heroes AAR (no pics - sorry)  (Read 1619 times)


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Songs of Blades Heroes AAR (no pics - sorry)
« on: January 29, 2009, 07:57:42 AM »

I purchased Songs of Blades and Heroes earlier this week, and we had a game last night using some of the Ceaser plastic 1/72 fantasy minis.  I didn't take pics, as everyone's minis are only half-painted, anyway, but they should be better next time, so hopefully there will be some photos!

I am pretty impressed with the rules and we'll definately be using them again!

We had a three-way battle with 300 pts each of Dwarves (me), Elves (Tom M) and Undead (Peter).

Peter set his undead up in a "village" in the middle of one table edge, and Tom's Elves and my Dwarves landed our boats in the two opposite corners. The boats are from Shifting Lands and work really well with the 1/72 scale figures.  A few hills surrounded the village, and there were dense woods projecting the from the middle of the other three table edges. A few scattered trees finished off the terrain.

Despite starting first, my Dwarves got off to a stuttering start with a series of bad initiative rolls in the first few turns, combined with their short legs, meaning it took a long time for them to close with either opponent.

In the mean time, Peter's skeletons set up quite a nice line of defence in front of the village as the Elves bounded in and attacked. The Elvish Archer's shooting was pretty much useless against skeletons, as you might expect, but as they closed into HTH, some pretty brutal, dynamic fighting broke out before a couple of gruesome kills finally dispersed the undead.

By the end of this fight, the Dwarves had managed to fire a couple of ineffective shots at the Elves with their crossbowmen, and once in position to assault, there were only Elves left. Another, shorter bout of intense HTH fighting started, with the Elves suddenly finding a much sturdier opponent than skeletons!

However, a further gruesome kill by the Elves after a couple of rounds of fighting, which also took the dwarves down to 50% of their original strength started the Dwarves running back to their boat and at this point I conceeded the game to Tom M :)  I know I really enjoyed it, and I hope the other lads did too.

If anyone else has had any experience with Songs of Blades and Heroes, I'd really welcome your opinions of the game. And next time, I hope to get some pics!


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Re: Songs of Blades Heroes AAR (no pics - sorry)
« Reply #1 on: January 29, 2009, 12:11:17 PM »

I bought the two first rulebooks towards the middle of last year with the intention of me and Snuurg actually getting some gaming done...he has a nice big cellar in his place we were planning on setting up a decent games table on.

Needless to say, we've been waaay too busy to do anything about it.

Rules do indeed look very simple and elegant - and I've heard nothing but good about'em.
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