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Author Topic: Adventures in the Old World house rules thread  (Read 1245 times)

Balgin Stondraeg

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Adventures in the Old World house rules thread
« on: July 08, 2008, 03:28:58 PM »

Basicaly I'm not going to be using any house rules (although technicaly I am). And what are these house rules of mine you ask? Well basicaly....

1: I'll be using the 1st edition critical hits tables from 1st edition for at least 1 adventure. The 1st ed critical hits tables had 16 different results per location with lovely cinematic descriptions whereas the 2nd ed ones only have 10 results per location with no descriptions :(. Now in 2nd edition the new number 10 crit is the old number 16 with the others covering a scale inbetween. A lot of the old crits are similar and you can see how they grouped them into the new ten (the only new crit in 2nd edition is "armour damaged").

Now on the older 16 point scale, the severity of criticals generated tends to get more high end results than the new 10 point scale (which tends to generate more low end results so it's a bit kinder). If it ends up turning out too lethal then we'll switch to 2nd ed criticals.

The other advantage of the 1st ed 16 point scale is that it had different critical hits tables for sharp, blunt, explosions, energy, gunpowder and falling (White Dwarf had someone submit an "arrows and crossbow bolts" critical hits table beause decapitation didn't make sense, and then in the 90's they did a whole range of them for the GM's screen pack).

2: I'll also be using the 1st ed critical fumbles tables from White Dwarf (this is regardless of wether we use the old crits or the new, since the fumbles aren't on a 16 point scale so integreation's actualy easier). Basicaly if your attack misses, and you roll a double, then you've done something wrong (and the lower you've rolle,d the more severe the fumble (since you must be pretty unskilled to roll an 11 or 22 and still miss)).

3: 1st ed style carreer chang. Basicaly it's exactly like 2nd ed but you don't need to complete your first carreer before moving on to your second. You also cannot use carreer exits from past carreers (since you've effectively left that old life behind, or not as the case may be - a farmer who's a smuggler is still a farmer if you know what I mean). Also in the linear carreers (like moving from Trollslayer to Giantslayer or Wizard's Apprentice to Wizard) you now have to complete one career before being promoted to the second one (whereas in 2nd ed you can be promoted far above your ability).

4: There are no more house rules. Seriously, that's it :).
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